Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello, My Name is Jonesy...

Actually Jonesy is my dog’s name :)  He is one of the most important members of my family, next to my wife (gotta stay out of the doghouse…sorry, couldn’t resist!). Since he is the coolest dog ever, I really want everyone to meet him. But he doesn’t play well with others, so I decided the best way for you to do that was to interview him. Hey, I figure if we authors can interview our characters, surely we can interview our pets ;)

Ready? Here we go!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from, how you got such an interesting name, etc.

Hmmm, let’s see. Well, I’m 63 years old and, oh wait, I need to convert that to people years. Okay, I’m 9 years old and I’m a Mini-Schnauzer. At least, that is what humans call my breed. I refer to myself as Wolf Beast, but whatever works for you guys. I’m a native of Montana, and I live here with you and Julie, who I call Omega. I’m named after the boxer (person, not dog) Roy Jones Jr. I like that, because he is a warrior like me.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I really like games. My favorite is Schnauzer Soccer. It’s a pretty rough game. Basically, I take my favorite toy, which right now is my Angry Bird, and I hold it in my mouth. Then, I kick a tennis ball around the house with my paw (I’m a leftie). I have pretty good aim, and can kick the ball really hard. Once the ball rolls away, I chase it or jump over it while I shake my Angry Bird at it in a threatening manner. It’s a real manly game.

That sounds fun. Who taught you to play Schnauzer Soccer?

It is fun! I taught it to myself. Sometimes I mix it up and grab a different toy, but Angry Bird is the best.

It is a cool game. I posted a video of you playing Schnauzer Soccer right here. I’m not the best with computers, so it has no sound, but I sure hope people watch the whole video. You have one really good kick of the ball towards the end!

W-what? What do you mean you posted a video of me? Was I recently groomed? You know how fluffy I get when my hair grows, but it’s all muscle under there.


I’m sure you look fine. Now, what is your favorite food?

Bananas, paws down. You know how much I love those things! You are always trying to sneak them so I can’t have any, but my wolf hearing picks up the sound of the peel. As soon as I hear you, I do a huge leap off the bed, sofa, or wherever I am guarding the perimeter, and I slide into the kitchen! Although, it’s usually just in time to see you hogging it all and swallowing the last bite. 

People are reading this you know, so try to be truthful. I always save you a bite.
Well, okay, that is true. I usually do get a bite. 

Thank you. Now, what is your position on cats? Some dogs like them. Would you say you fall into that category?

I’m sorry; did you really just ask me if I like cats? I don’t understand the question.

Never mind, I think that is all the answer we need. What about water? Do you like swimming?

Only if my life is in danger. Next question please.

Right. How do you feel about household and yard security? 

It is the most important thing. I guard the perimeter constantly. My command post is on the back of the sofa so I can see out the window. I may look like I’m lounging, but that is to fool potential trespassers. I am especially cautious of Fed Ex and UPS trucks. I try to alert you and Omega (a.k.a. Julie) every time they pass by, but you just laugh. Mark my words, one day the UPS truck will step out of line and we will see who is laughing then.

You should give them a chance. UPS trucks are just doing their job. Okay, okay, no need to snarl at me. What about the yard security?

Naturally I am always on guard out there as well. I don’t tolerate birds in the yard. I sneak up on them pretty well; almost as well as Slinky Suspicious Hairballs. Oh, sorry, you call them cats. I am also always on the lookout for bicyclists, joggers, squirrels, etc. Basically, if it moves I am suspicious.

That sounds tiring to always be on guard. Do you ever have fun?

Of course! If I’m not playing Schnauzer Soccer, I really like to play hide and seek with you and Omega. I also like it when you throw my tennis ball out in the yard. And I love to squeak my stuffed toys using my nose instead of my mouth. I don’t know why, I just enjoy that.

I guess we do have a lot of fun together! Well, thank you so much Jonesy for joining us for this interview. I’m sure people enjoyed getting to know you, and learning a little about the Schnauzer, I mean Wolf Beast, breed.

Thanks for having me James! This was my first interview, and hopefully I represented Wolf Beasts everywhere well. And remember, do not trust the UPS trucks…I’m just saying.


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